Advanced Collection Management System

Analysis of the solution

Advanced Collection Management System

Smart Municipalities should anticipate the needs of their citizens, and at the same time reduce costs in order to use resources in more appropriate ways.

Octopus Smart System, collects data & produces insights about waste management, allowing municipalities to act fast and efficient, leading to more ecological, robust and equitable localities.


  • This full-service technology solution can be deployed in almost any fleet to help reduce costs, improve service, and contribute to the quality of life for maximum community impact.
  • Essential up-to-date data and analytical info of waste services’ transportation systems are provided automatically and can be used swiftly.
  • From day-to-day operations to long-range planning and management, data is complete, comprehensive, and easy to understand, providing the instant information needed for effective & efficient management, sustained operations & profitability, and business growth.

Integrated Urban Waste Management System

The web based Graphical User Interface allows real time interaction of the central office with waste collection processes and residents.

Octopus can monitor solid waste collection and record the information pertaining to collection time, area and other related data from a central location

Octopus Combines

  • A cutting-edge Routing management software
  • Sophisticated Loyalty Program
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Machine Learning
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Customized Reports


  • A cloud multisystem framework with Streamline Data Sharing, Automate Processes between systems, Web Services and API endpoints, real-time Data Processing and Machine Learning techniques for predictions and decisions.
  • Web-based administrative panel, targeted to each authorized user, with graded access depending on the role given by the administrator.
  • Data stored on e-platform for the subsequent route reevaluation based on the waste generation predictive model.
  • Nexus and update via online services.
  • Independent cloud server exclusively for the citizens’ mobile app, so that residents can get real-time information on the arrival and length of stay of mobile green points vehicles in their area as well as the location of the closest available recycling bins.