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Organized Waste management

For the environment: Citizens with their activities can improve their lives but also cause serious effects on the health and quality of life of the whole. Individual and collective Waste Management is part of these activities. The rational management and utilization of waste must be a goal for every individual citizen and for the competent bodies for the protection and improvement of the natural environment.

For the economy: Waste management is associated with significant financial costs. The aim must be to save the economy through energy saving and recovery, material recovery and the protection of the environment in general.

For the society: Environmental problems create social conflicts. Citizens’ participation in decisions and actions is considered necessary in order to reduce reactions and conflicts, as well as to increase the degree of citizen participation through information and briefing. The citizen perceives a system full of problems that translate into daily harassment against them: unorthodox urban development, uncontrolled production of waste, open dumps, buckets of insufficient capacity overflowing, stench, poor interference with the aesthetics of public spaces, etc.

For sustainability: The rational use of waste is a factor of growth, local and wider, enhancing sustainability.

It is this moment in time and a unique opportunity

to integrate dispersed waste management policies within governance.

To create an efficient and transparent Waste Management Activity, that involves the participation of local entities and the public, as well private businesses.